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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service at Viva Nissan

Come to Viva Nissan in El Paso, TX for Nissan Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

The transmission in your Nissan plays a huge role in making sure you get where you need to go. After all, it’s the transmission that takes the energy created by the engine and transfers it to the wheels, so it’s best to keep the transmission in good shape. It’s a relatively low-maintenance component, but it will need to have the transmission fluid exchanged regularly. When your Nissan needs an automatic or manual transmission fluid exchange service performed, we invite you to come to Viva Nissan, serving Sunland Park, New Mexico, and Fort Bliss, Texas. Find out more on this page!

What Is Transmission Fluid?

Both automatic and manual transmissions contain many moving metal parts, and the transmission fluid keeps these parts lubricated. In addition, it serves an extra purpose if you have an automatic transmission. These create more heat than manual transmissions, so automatic transmission fluid serves as a coolant as well as a lubricant.


Why Does My Nissan Need a Transmission Fluid Exchange?

As time passes, one of two things will happen to transmission fluid. Either it will begin to degrade, or it will become contaminated with particles of metal and rubber. In either case, the transmission fluid will have a decreased ability to lubricate the transmission. And, in the case of automatic transmissions, it will also be a less effective coolant. To keep your transmission in good shape, the technicians at Viva Nissan will drain the old transmission fluid and replace it with new transmission fluid. They will also inspect the transmission housing, the seals, and the cooler lines.


Viva Nissan Is Your Source for Nissan Transmission Fluid Exchange Near Socorro and Horizon City, TX

When your Nissan needs its transmission fluid changed, don’t trust just any old auto service center. Instead, choose the experts at Viva Nissan. We have certified technicians who have both training and experience in Nissan service, and they will use only Nissan-approved transmission fluid to ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition.


Schedule Your Next Nissan Transmission Fluid Exchange Service at Viva Nissan in El Paso, TX

Ready to bring your Nissan in for its next transmission fluid exchange? Use the online service scheduler at Viva Nissan for maximum convenience, or give us a call if you prefer. Either way, we look forward to seeing you here at Viva Nissan! Our service center is open six days a week with extended hours, making it even easier for you to find a time to come in.


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