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Tire Department at Viva Nissan

Whenever you need to order new tires for your vehicle, give our certified Nissan technicians a shout.

Nissan Tire Department in El Paso, TX

There are really only two big things you can do to make sure your Nissan always has quality, defect-free tires: purchasing high-quality Nissan-approved tire brands from the trustworthy brands you know, and maintaining them with certified service. As an El Paso, TX Nissan owner, you’ve lucked out – Viva Nissan has what you need to make both of these things happen. Whenever you need to order new tires for your vehicle, give our certified Nissan technicians a shout. They’ll be able to order you tires that will fit your purposes very well, or you can always order them online yourself by looking through our Nissan tire catalog. Maintaining those tires is equally as simple when you schedule your Nissan tire service appointment online at Viva Nissan.

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Nissan Tire Services With Certified Technicians in El Paso, TX

We’re able to help you repair your tires in a pinch, as well as proactively maintain them with many of our services that are designed to help maximize the life of your tires. Tire patching services will help you if you ever have a surprise puncture in your tires, and tire balancing, tire rotations, and wheel alignments services will help you get the most out of your Nissan’s tires promoting even, healthy tread wear. All of our Nissan tire services are available for scheduling online when you visit our service scheduling pageget yourself over there now, and keep those tires in great shape.

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Tire Rotation

Having your tires rotated to different locations on the vehicle helps to maintain an even tire wear pattern. This means that your tires will last longer and handle better for longer and keeps you from having to purchase new tires sooner than you need to.


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Wheel Alignment

The angles of your wheels have a predefined configuration to provide maximum handling and tire longevity. If you frequently drive on rough roads or you’ve hit a curb or pothole, it can cause the angles of your wheels to fall out of alignment with factory specifications. A two wheel alignment or four wheel alignment will straighten your wheels.


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Tire Repair

Running over a nail or screw doesn’t always mean you have to purchase a new tire. If the obtrusion is in the main tread area of the tire, and not in the sidewall, we can remove it and patch the hole to repair your tire.

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Tire Inspection

Avoid unexpected blow-outs or flat tires with routine tire inspections from our team of technicians. We’ll inspect each of your tires for obtrusions, bulges, and unusual tire tread wear patterns and let you know of any issues and our recommendations.


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Tire Balancing

Bouncing, wobbling, or vibrating tires may be the result of unbalanced tires. Our team can add weights to your wheels to balance it out and prevent unwanted bouncing or shaking from your wheels while driving.


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Purchase New Nissan Tires at Viva Nissan

You could give your money to one of the many discount tire stores you’ll find in the greater El Paso, TX area, and they’ll be able to supply you with discounted tires that will work fine enough. Is fine enough what you want, though? Purchasing new Nissan tires through Viva Nissan will give you access to some of the most reputable tire brands in the business, and the process will all be done through service professionals that you can trust. Don’t settle for good enough when you can always get the best at Viva Nissan.



Comfortable Experiences for You and Your Nissan

Our primary goal at Viva Nissan is to provide your vehicle with the best service in the industry, but we equally stress the importance of providing you with a service experience that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. The comfortable waiting area in our state-of-the-art facility is a great place to enjoy your visit with Viva Nissan, while our certified technicians will use genuine OEM parts and products to make sure we’re meeting your expectations of providing top-notch service. Get the most out of your Nissan tires with service at Viva Nissan, and purchase new tires through our El Paso, TX Nissan tire department for a service experience you’ll want to write home about. We proudly serve drivers throughout the entire El Paso, TX area, including Las Cruces, NM and Ft. Bliss, TX.

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