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Battery Replacement Service at Viva Nissan

When Your Nissan Needs Battery Replacement Service, Come to Viva Nissan in El Paso, TX

Your Nissan is a genuinely fantastic vehicle designed to deliver an amazing drive, time after time. However, it needs to start up first, and the battery is a vital part of this. If your current battery is on its way out — or if it has died already — we invite you to come to Viva Nissan, your local Nissan service center near Fort Bliss, TX and Sunland Park, NM, for battery replacement service. Find out more on this page, and then make your appointment at Viva Nissan.

Why Does My Nissan Need To Have Its Battery Replaced?

Let’s start by looking at just what the battery does. It stores a massive amount of electricity; when you turn on your vehicle by pressing the ignition button or turning the key in the ignition, the battery sends a surge of this electricity to the starter, turning on the engine. While you drive, the alternator will generate more electricity and recharge the battery. However, your car battery is like any other rechargeable battery: as time passes, it will be able to hold less and less of a charge. Eventually, the battery may not be able to store enough electricity to send enough to the starter.

Signs of a Dying Battery

If your battery is dying, it may give off several potential symptoms. You may find that you have to try several times to start the engine, or the engine may crank longer before starting it. Another telltale sign? Interior and exterior lights appear dimmer when the engine is turned off but bright when the engine starts. This is because the alternator, in addition to recharging the battery, also powers the electrical components while the engine is on. However, when the engine is off, the battery does this.


However, these symptoms can be easy to miss, which is why we recommend coming to Viva Nissan for a regular battery testing service. Our technicians will test your battery to see how much charge it can hold.


Schedule Your Next Battery Replacement Service at Viva Nissan, Serving Socorro and Horizon City from Our Location in El Paso, TX

Whether you’ve noticed signs of a dying battery or a battery inspection shows that your battery is near the end of its lifespan, we invite you to come to Viva Nissan for battery replacement service. Give us a call or use our online service scheduler, and then come to Viva Nissan.


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