The new Nissan Kicks is the very definition of what a modern-day SUV should be. This particular vehicle offers some of the best cutting-edge technologies, and it utilizes high-end engine components. The new Kicks is like a breath of fresh air thanks to its ingenuity and flamboyant styling. There are also multiple trim levels to choose from, including the S, SV, and SR. Here's a closure breakdown for some of the available features.


Whether you live a single lifestyle or have a family, the new Nissan Kicks has you covered. First and foremost, this vehicle's cabin has enough seating for at least five people. Accommodating to your needs is quite easy thanks to the 60/40 split-fold rear seats. There's 25.3 cubic-feet of cargo space that's behind the rear seats. On the other, consumers will have access to at least 32.3 cubic-feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded. The SUV's leather-trimmed seats are masterfully crafted with the finest of detail. In addition to that, the accent stitching completes the overall look. Heated front seats are available as well as Zero Gravity front seats. Climate control is also available for a comfortable temperature setting.

Seamless Innovation

The new Nissan Kicks is seamlessly inspired thanks to its wide array of advanced technologies. Smartphone integration is one of today's top features, and the Kicks will deliver this via Android Auto. In addition to that, iPhone users can take full advantage of Apple CarPlay technology. Yes, you can stream playlists with relative ease. Hands-free functionality is also available via Bluetooth. Every base is being covered to handle your entertainment need. It also doesn't hurt that this SUV has three USB ports for connecting external devices. There's a digital tachometer that exhibits an electrifying appearance. Bose premium audio will deliver an immersive listening experience.

Other Features

Dynamic-drive technologies are built in to enhance the vehicle's handling and agility. The 1.6-liter engine also delivers a smooth stream of power when accelerating. Thanks to being fuel-efficient, drivers can get an estimated 36 mpg on the highway. There's also Remote Engine Start, Safety Shield 360 innovation, and 17-inch wheels.

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