General maintenance of your vehicle should always include regular oil changes. This helps ensure that your motor stays clean, cool, and functioning without problems. However with any vehicle, the question always comes up whether to put in synthetic or conventional oil.

For the most part, vehicle makers have taken this question off the table by providing strict requirements in their owner's manual. Flipping to the page describing motor oil requirements will let you know exactly what type you should have your dealership put in.

Synthetic oil is more widely required in newer vehicles and is highly recommended for those who put high mileage on their cars. This oil operates effectively in higher temperature extremes than conventional oil. Conventional oil is more used for later-model vehicles that don't receive a lot of high mileage trips on a regular basis. This oil doesn't withstand the same high temperature extremes that synthetic oil does.

Once you've checked your owner's manual be sure to call your local dealership to schedule your next oil change.

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